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Pana Community Hospital – Occupational Therapy

Pana Community Hospital – Our Occupational therapist is a highly-trained individual who has multiple years of experience who helps individuals achieve independence in all aspects of life.  The role of an Occupational therapist is to help people develop, recover or maintain daily living skills by applying a variety of specialized treatments.  The goal is to ensure that patients lead independent, productive and satisfying lives.  Our Occupational therapist is also specialty trained in Hand Therapy, specializing in the assessment and treatment of diagnoses and/or injuries of the upper extremity.

Hand and Upper Extremity expertise for treatment following:


tendon injuries

nerve injuries




joint replacements

Splint fabrication and brace application of the upper extremity

Lymphedema treatment

Rehabilitation of the neurologically-involved patient including Parkinson’s disease and those who have suffered a stroke.

Ergonomics evaluation and modification

Fine motor and coordination assessment and retraining

Cognitive visual perceptual evaluation and training

Retraining dressing, bathing, toileting skills

Adaptive Equipment training for increasing or maintaining function

Kitchen and meal preparation assessment and skill building

Activity modification and energy conservation

Lymphedema Management of the Upper Extremities

Referral to our occupational therapist that specializes in manual lymph drainage can help you manage swelling of the upper extremities.  The therapist may treat your lymphedema problem with:




Compression garment and/or bandages

Complete decongestive therapy by the therapist

Article From:  Pana Community Hospital