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Pana Community Hospital – Physical Therapy Services

Pana Community Hospital

Physical therapists are experts in the way the body moves. Your therapist will identify the cause of pain or loss of function.  Each patient is evaluated at the area of complaint as well as contribution of the surrounding areas to the identified problem.  We approach patient function at home and work versus focusing on symptoms alone.   A physical therapist understands that your road to recovery is personal, so you will always receive a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.  Our therapists provide one-on-one treatment and as well as skilled hands-on manual therapy.  Your highly-qualified therapists and assistants will educate you in your condition and how you can work to improve it.

Our team of highly-trained clinicians work together to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from, but not limited to:

Neck pain and headache management

Mid and lower back pain

Shoulder/Elbow/Forearm/Wrist pain

Decompression for acute and chronic lower back pain

Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) Dysfunction

Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

Total Joint programs

Hip/Knee/Ankle pain

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pediatric Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Treatment of Neurologic Conditions

Post-stroke management

Spinal cord injury

Management of all pediatric conditions causing developmental delay

Generalized weakness

Vestibular rehabilitation

Balance re-training

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation

The PCH Rehabilitation Department offers treatment for the dizzy patient including treatment for BPPV (benign positional paroxysmal vertigo), inner ear disorders and much more.  Once the cause of dizziness is determined, the vestibular system must be trained in the same way other muscles in the body are…with exercise.  If you have questions concerning treatment please contact Patra Deere, MPT at (217) 562-6328.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a work-related intensive and goal-oriented treatment program specifically designed to restore an individual’s strength, endurance, movement, flexibility and cardiopulmonary functions.

Job simulation:  Job simulation is a therapeutic intervention that will “mimic” the type of work that has to be done in the work place.  Whatever the activity simulated, in this setting, it is controlled and gradually increased to levels required for work and maximum functional improvement.

Job Demands:  Information about your job will be obtained to set up an individualized treatment program that will include:  push/pull, lift, carry, reach, impact/jarring work, fine motor, overhead and low-level work.

Balance Re-training

The therapists of PCH are trained to differentiate the cause of balance disorders.

Often these could include:

Brain injury

Generalized weakness

Vestibular disorders

Poor hip or ankle strategies

The Biodex Balance System is a tool available at PCH for therapists to re-train your body to effectively respond to loss of balance and minimize falls.

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